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Lipodissolve Injection

Lipodissolve is a non-surgical method of body contouring to reduce localised areas of excess fat. It is suitable for both males and females and can be used as an alternative to liposuction for small fatty deposits that cannot be removed through diet and exercise.

Benefits of Lipodissolve Injection

How it Works

How it Works

Lipodissolve fat-dissolving a non-invasive injections involve injecting small amounts of phosphatidylcholine – a fat-dissolving liquid derived from soya beans – and deoxycholic acid directly into fat deposits, without the need for anaesthesia or invasive surgery. Both of these drugs are naturally secreted by our gallbladders to assist in emulsifying the fat we consume.

When injected under the skin, these medications trigger a series of reactions that lead to two things: lipolysis and inflammation. Lipolysis literally means loss of fat cells. Different to what happens when we lose weight, fat cells do not just get smaller in size but are actually destroyed, leading to fewer fat cells in the targeted area. This makes it far less likely for treated areas to go back to pre-treatment size with mild to moderate weight fluctuations. The inflammation triggered during the procedure is very important. Even though it causes swelling, redness and some discomfort after the treatment, it is the inflammation that leads to collagen production. This ensures good skin retraction and tightening when fat is reduced.

Treatment Areas

Treatment Areas

Lipodissolve is best used to reduce and sculpt small specific areas of the face, such as:

  • jowls

  • double chin




How long does the treatment take and when will I see results?

The procedure takes 15-45 minutes, depending on the treatment area. The number of required treatments may amount to 2-4 sessions depending on the needs of the patient. Results can be seen after 2-3 treatments over a period of 6 months. Intervals between treatments may be 6-8 weeks. Results can be sustained long-term where a healthy eating and exercise plan is followed to prevent future fat deposits in the treated area.


Is Lipodissolve fat-dissolving injections the same as weight loss surgery?

Lipodissolve fat-dissolving injections are a non-surgical method for reducing small, localised fat deposits on the face and body. The procedure is not a weight loss method but is rather aimed at eliminating small areas of excess fat (such as under the chin) to refine your profile and enhance your appearance. Speak with your doctor about appropriate weight loss approaches if you wish to lose weight.


Is there any downtime involved with Lipodissolve fat-dissolving injections?

There is a small amount of downtime involved. The treatment area may be swollen and tender for up to 4-5 days. In some areas such as under the chin, the short-term swelling (sometimes described as a 'bullfrog' look) can be noticeable and difficult to hide. Other areas of the body may be easier to cover up and therefore require less downtime, but swelling and tenderness will still occur.


Is the procedure painful?

There is little pain during the injections and minimal bruising afterwards. We can apply a topical anaesthetic to the treatment area to help numb your skin if you are particularly sensitive to needles. We also provide stress balls and apply cooling aids such as ice packs and fans during the treatment to keep you cool and soothed. Our treatment rooms are comfortable and restful, with calming music for your relaxation. Our Aesthetic Doctors are fully qualified and very experienced in ensuring you are well looked after with minimal discomfort.


What are the possible side effects of Lipodissolve fat-dissolving injections?

Like all procedures of this type there is a possibility of adverse events, although not everybody experiences them. These adverse events include but are not limited to infection, minimal acute inflammatory tissue reaction (redness, swelling, rash, oedema, erythema, lumps/nodules etc.), pain (which may be temporary or persistent in nature), transient haematoma or bruising. For a full list consult Instructions for Use.

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