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  • 非常肤浅的化学换肤仅去除最顶层的死皮细胞,并且仅在短时间内产生轻微的美容效果。  

  • 表面化学换肤可去除阻塞的毛囊并对表皮的顶层产生影响,这可能会导致一些治疗后的片状。

  • 中深度化学换肤用于治疗色素沉着、更深的充血和老化问题。 

How it Works


  • 化学换肤是一种多功能和可定制的治疗方法,可以针对您的特定皮肤问题进行个性化定制。  

  • 我们使用的活性成分包括 α 羟基酸 (AHA) – 例如乙醇酸、乳酸和扁桃酸 – 以及 β 羟基酸 (BHA),例如水杨酸,以及类维生素 A(维生素 A)、烟酰胺(维生素 B3)和酶.化学换肤治疗可用于对抗许多皮肤问题,包括晒伤、皱纹、疤痕、痤疮和色素沉着,并保持更清新、更年轻的肤色。它也可以与微晶换肤术、皮肤针刺、光疗或激光皮肤疗法相结合,以提供加速和更显着的效果。


One Session: $258

Four Sessions: $1032




填充 皮肤灌注治疗

Mesoestetic 化学换肤治疗




Which chemical peel is right for me?

Chemical peels induce a controlled wound to the skin, and can replace part or all of the top layers of skin. The key determinants to which chemical peel is right for you are; the degree of the skin problem/ageing/sun-damage, the skin type/colour, the amount of improvement you would like to achieve, and the amount of recovery or downtime that is acceptable by you.


How are chemical peels performed?

Chemical peels are best performed by an experienced Skin Therapist. The skin is thoroughly cleansed with an appropriate cleanser first. A masking agent is sometimes used to protect the peel from entering the eye. A fan may be present to help cool the skin for comfort during the peel. Your eyes should be closed during the procedure.

The chemical peel solution is then applied to the face. The procedure is timed, and you will be asked about your comfort level. Neutralisation of the peel occurs at the end of the treatment. This ensures the chemical peel does not stay active on the skin for longer than necessary.


What are the complications or side effects of chemical peels?

As a rule, the deeper the peel, the higher the rate of complications and the longer the recovery. Most superficial peels are safe and effective, where medium and deep peels require more experience from the operator and more careful pre-peel preparation and post-peel care.

Swelling – usually lasting up to three days, but it is usually only associated with the deeper peels.

Pain – again, this is only really seen with the deeper peels and may last for a few hours only.

Redness – most superficial peels produce a mild amount of redness that persists for a few days only. Medium to deep peels can cause redness that can persist for up to a month.

Itchiness – This is only common after medium and deep chemical peels.

Ocular injury – Care must be taken during the procedure to avoid the peel from entering the eye.

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