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Ellansé 是一种胶原蛋白刺激填充剂,可被人体自然重吸收。 Ellansé 用于立即和持久地修复皱纹,以及面部老化和状况的迹象。 Ellansé 刺激胶原蛋白生成,自然再生体积并恢复时间带走的形状。

Ellanse 注射液的好处

How it Works


  • Ellanse 是一种快速作用的生物刺激剂,由封装在凝胶中的生物医学聚己内酯微球制成。当注入皮肤时,Ellanse 填充剂立即变得可生物吸收。

  • 这意味着该化合物将被人体自身的组织取代,然后重新吸收到体内。随着凝胶被重新吸收,新胶原蛋白发生,即新胶原蛋白的产生。

  • 这个过程会导致皮肤有更大的弹性,减少皱纹,提升外观等等。

Treatment Areas


  • Ellansé 可用于治疗透明质酸 (HA) 填充剂可以治疗的大部分区域,包括:

  • 寺庙和眉毛区域

  • 前额

  • 脸颊

  • 法令纹

  • 下脸,木偶线

  • 鼻子

  • 下巴

  • 下颚线

Screen Shot 2023-07-06 at 4.45.38 pm.png



Bio-Remodelling Injections are made from a unique next generation hyaluronic acid that remodels the skin utilising your very own cells to prevent or reverse ageing and sagging. The product is injected into areas such as the face, neck, décolletage or body to improve the entire skin surface by reducing wrinkles and increasing skin volume.


This proprietary product is injected across five points in the skin of the face or neck and spreads across the entire area in a matter of hours. Following this there is stimulation of fibroblasts within the skin to produce normal, healthy collagen and elastin. The net effect of which is to smooth and plump the entire skin surface.


Patients often report a hydrated feeling in the skin within days following the procedure, but results are generally visible 2-3 weeks after the first treatment, with optimum results 2-3 weeks after the third treatment. Due to the products ability to stimulate your body’s own collagen and elastin, results will continue to improve over time.


Is the procedure painful?

Skin Bio-Remodelling injections are a very comfortable procedure, with most patients reporting only mild discomfort. They do not require any pain relief. However, topical numbing can be applied if required.


The recommended protocol of treatments is an initial two- three treatments spaced one month apart. To maintain this result a single treatment is performed every 6-12 months.

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