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Laser Hair Removal

Fotona's high-performance Nd:YAG laser systems with FRAC3® technology have introduced new standards of efficiency in providing safe and effective hair reduction – using an innovative system that effectively targets hair follicles with a combination of selective and homogenous photothermolysis.

How it Works

How it Works

Fotona’s Nd:YAG laser energy is absorbed selectively by the hair bulb and hair matrix, thus destroying the hair follicle. The FRAC3® pulse produces a three-dimensional fractional pattern within the epidermis and dermis, with energy being absorbed predominantly at the sites of small skin imperfections before heat is transferred to the surrounding non-target structures.


Laser parameters can be adjusted quickly and easily according to your patient's skin type, hair thickness, hair color as well as depth of hair follicles. Nd:YAG FRAC3® pulses should be administered with a slight overlap covering the entire treatment surface. Apply cooling to maximize comfort during the treatment. Special post-treatment care is not required. Follicles treated in the anagen phase should fall out in approximately 2-3 weeks. Observe if new growth is present and repeat the treatment if needed. The treatment schedule will depend on each individual’s hair growth cycle.

Package Price 

4 Sessions: Two areas for Laser Hair Removal: $636

4 Sessions: Three areas for Laser Hair Removal: $872

4 Sessions: Four areas for Laser Hair Removal: $1272

6 Sessions: Two areas for Laser Hair Removal: $954

6 Sessions: Three areas for Laser Hair Removal: $1308

6 Sessions: Four areas for Laser Hair Removal: $1908

The Following Areas Count as Two Areas:
  • Lower legs

  • Upper legs

  • Lower arm

  • Upper arm

  • Lower back

  • Upper back

  • Chest

  • Shoulders

  • Stomach

  • Belly

  • Buttocks - women only

  • Brazilian - women only

  • Full face

The Following Areas Count as One Area:
  • The lip

  • Chin

  • Underarm

  • Front of neck

  • Back of neck

  • Hands

  • Feet

  • Forehead

  • Cheek

  • Snail trail

  • Bikini - women only

  • G-string - women only




What do I need to do to prepare for my Laser Hair Removal appointment?

Shave treatment area at least 12-24 hours prior to your treatment

Avoid chemical peels or laser resurfacing treatments at least 4 weeks before your treatment

Exfoliate the treatment area at least 3 days before your treatment

Ensure no residue fake tan is present on the skin

Avoid excessive sun exposure on the area being treated two weeks prior (including solariums or tanning drugs)

Avoid using topical creams/moisturisers, perfumes to the area being treated before the appointment

Do not wax, use depilatory creams or pluck hairs four weeks prior to laser treatment


How often do I need to get Laser Hair Removal?

Depending on the hair, skin type, and body area being treated, you will require treatments at 4-6 weeks intervals. For the facial area, treatments should be done in 2-week intervals unless recommended otherwise.

Each part of the facial and body area has a different growing cycle, so hair reduction will vary depending on what stage your follicles are in at the time of the treatment. After each treatment hair is reduced hence it is important to complete the entire recommended course of treatments and at consistent intervals for best results. We recommend a series of 8-12 treatments and maintenance treatments every 2-3 months for permanent hair reduction.

However, as everyone is unique, we access all our clients on a case-by-case basis. During your complimentary consultation, your therapist will discuss a schedule that works with your desired results.


Does Laser Hair Removal hurt?

One of the benefits of Laser Hair Removal is that the treatment is virtually painless, especially compared to waxing. Each pulse lasts less than a second, producing a slight tingling feeling. In particularly sensitive areas, such as the upper lip, it may feel like a rubber band snap on the skin. We use an advanced cooling machine in conjunction with our laser device to reduce the heat sensation on the skin and minimise any discomfort.


Do you offer numbing for Laser Hair Removal?

Unfortunately, topical numbing creams are not safe nor effective when doing Laser Hair Removal. The sensation you feel in treatment is not felt on the skin, but in the follicle of the hair. Unfortunately numbing cream cannot penetrate deep enough to minimise the discomfort that may be felt at the follicle. Please ensure that no occlusive creams are present in the treatment areas when undergoing laser hair removal treatments.

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